Re-integration Social Workers

The Social Worker

The ACYJP Social Worker will provide intensive service to youth in conflict with the law. The Social Workers will work in conjunction with the Probation Officers at The Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the ACYJP Community Justice Workers to provide community based re-integrative and rehabilitative supports to Black youth involved in the Criminal Justice System.

The ACYJP recognizes that young people function in the context of community, family and culture. In an effort to meet with youth in their own environment each Social Worker will have permanent office space and office hours within the communities they serve. The ACYJP has established a relationship with Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) in order to have a presence in the community.  The Social Worker will engage with the community as a whole and act as a community resource to Probation Officers and Youth Justice Stakeholders. Social Workers will work extensively with at risk African Canadian Youth and their families in an effort to facilitate successful rehabilitation and re-integration with the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism.  The Social Worker will establish their presence in the community through involvement with local community networks.

The Social Worker will also provide service to youth who have received a Custody and Community Supervision Order. While the youth is in custody the Social Worker will work closely with the Probation Officer and case management team in order to assist with re-integration planning.  The Social Worker will make arrangements through the Probation Officer and facility to request Re-integrative Leaves in order to facilitate family counseling and reunification sessions.

The Social Worker will have ongoing contact with the youth’s family to provide counseling and support services in preparation for the youth’s return to the community.


The referrals will come from Probation Services however; the ACYJP Social Worker will also accept referrals from the ACYJP Community Justice Worker. The Probation Officer will make the initial referral directly to the Social Worker in the corresponding catchment areas, for youth assessed as having a high to very high risk of re-offending in the community as per the Probation Officers Risk Need Assessment Tool. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis giving special consideration to the needs of the young person and present caseload sizes.  If the ACYJP is unable to provide the young person with service, we will consult with the referral source and provide other viable options for service. Referrals will be accepted prior to sentencing, post sentencing, during the course of a pre-sentence report, while the youth is in custody or after the youth’s release into the community.