Group Programming

Group Programming

The African Canadian Youth Justice Program offers group programming catered to the African Canadian Youth it serves.  These programs are based on Afri-Centric values and principles and uses Cognitive Behavioural principles to stimulate the youth in gaining knowledge of themselves as an African Canadian youth in different areas of their lives. The lessons are interactive and use SMART board technology to stimulate and interest the minds of the youth. These groups are as follows:

•    The K.O.S. Project: Colour Coded (Anti-Gang/Anti-Violence)
•    The K.O.S. Project: The Right Fix (Substance Abuse)
•    The K.O.S. Project: Rites of Passage
•    The K.O.S. Project: Life Lessons

“K.O.S.” refers to “Knowledge of Self”. This is a key concept that runs through all the programs highlighting how, knowing ones self  helps to build self esteem and impacts on the choices and decisions that the youth may make in his or her life.  As well as knowing oneself in the context of being an African Canadian youth.

The K.O.S. Project: Colour Coded

The primary goal of this program is to prevent or reduce violence, criminal behavior and gang involvement, through a structured intervention program. African Canadian youth will:
•    Gain knowledge of themselves, their culture and their heritage as African Canadians;
•    Identify and address risk factors that can lead to criminal activity;
•    Develop problem solving skills;
•    Examine examples of young people whose lives were affected by criminal activity;
•    Learn how to cope with everyday problems and important life decisions;
•    Develop positive decision making skills; etc.

The K.O.S. Project: The Right Fix

The primary goal of this program is to prevent or reduce substance use and abuse through a structured intervention program.  In 9 weekly sessions, African Canadian Youth will:

•    Gain Knowledge of themselves, their culture and their heritage as African Canadians;
•    Evaluate some of the prominent myths surrounding drug use and abuse;
•    Increase their understanding of the truths of drug use and abuse;
•    Become aware of their patterns of thinking in relationship to drug use and abuse;
•    Learn that when faced with risk factors, they have a range of choices; etc.

The K.O.S. Project: Rites of Passage

The primary goal of this program is to build self-esteem and empower African Canadian youth through the discovery and discussion of history, culture, social issues, and self-identity. The youth will:
•    Develop a sense of responsibility and accountability
•    Gain knowledge of and respect for self
•    Develop critical thinking
•    Develop a commitment to self, family and community
•    Broaden their knowledge of social issues
•    Gain appreciation for their cultural and historical legacy
•    Discuss their creative voices

The K.O.S. Project: Life Lessons

Life lessons for African Canadian Youth has been designed to address the needs of African Canadian youth within the context of the criminal justice system.  The primary goal of the program is to provide African Canadian Youth with a viable opportunity to explore the circumstances and decision-making processes that lead to criminal activity and other maladaptive behaviours.  The youth will explore such things as:

•    Understand the dynamics of anger
•    Develop interpersonal skills
•    Develop problem solving skills
•    Learn how to develop positive communication skills
•    Overcome adversity
•    Develop coping skills