Youth Justice Education Program


The Youth Justice Education Program (YJEP) is a 3–year youth led initiative that will be developed with African Canadian youth from the 13 priority neighbourhoods. These youth will be commanding a committee whose purpose is the development of a training module that will address the application of existing anti-racism, equity and inclusion policies within agencies and institutions that are currently funded to serve African Canadian youth. The ultimate goal of YJEP is to assist and empower youth by providing them with education using culturally relevant, holistic and anti-oppressive approaches.

This initiative will be achieved in three phases

Phase 1- Education and Training
YJEP will hire youth, as Youth Justice Workers, from the priority neighbourhoods who will receive education and training using an African-centered, anti-oppression and anti- racism framework to build their capacity and understanding as it relates to cultural self awareness, legal rights, advocacy and other relevant life skills.

Phase 2 – Module Development
The youth leaders and Youth Justice Workers will work with a skilled Researcher/ Writer to develop a training module which addresses the cultural awareness and emotional considerations necessary to effectively support and service youth who are or have been involved with the criminal justice system.

Phase 3 – Facilitation and Institutionalization
Youth will utilize the frontline training module to conduct outreach and facilitate training within mainstream organizations, transfer payment agencies, school boards, City of Toronto (Parks, Forestry and Recreation) and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation.