The Youth Outreach Worker Program (YOW)

The Youth Outreach Worker Program (YOW)

The African Canadian Legal Clinic (ACLC) works collaboratively with three community agencies (YMCA, Malton Neighbourhood Services and Fernie Youth) to provide outreach supports to youth between the age of 12 and 21 years living in the Peel Region. The YOW Program supports marginalized and at-risk youth and their families to better navigate and connect with services and pro-social opportunities in their communities to improve youth outcomes by:

  • Helping youth and their families to identify and articulate their needs;
  • Support youth through a process to make positive changes in their lives;
  • Raise awareness of, and facilitate access to, locally available prevention and intervention resources through information and referrals that address individual needs and risk factors and reinforce strengths; and
  • Foster communication and linkages among community agencies/organizations (e.g. health care providers, employment services, schools) to improve access and reduce barriers to services and supports.

YOW Communities:

African Canadian Legal Clinic: Bramalea Community (Knightsbridge/Kingscross)

YMCA: Colonial Terrace/Ridgeway and Steeles and Queen Communities

Malton Neighbourhood Services: Malton Community

Fernie Youth: Peel wide


Eligibility Criteria

Youth between the ages of 12 and 21 living in the Peel region.


Referral Process:

Referral to the ACLC’s YOW Program can be made by contacting (416) 214-4747.