Legal Services


The mandate of the ACLC is: (i) to address systemic racism and racial discrimination through a test case litigation and intervention strategy; (ii) to monitor significant legislative, regulatory, administrative and judicial developments, and (iii) to engage in advocacy, law reform and legal education aimed at eliminating racism, and in particular, anti-Black racism.

The ACLC serves and represents the African Canadian community. The ACLC understands the term “African Canadian” to include any person of African ancestry, descent or heritage, who self-identifies as such, including indigenous Black Canadians, people whose ancestry is indigenous to the African continent, African Caribbean and Latin American peoples, and all individuals of the African Diaspora who are in Canada and their dependants, regardless of their immigration status.

The ACLC takes a consultative approach to its test case, law reform and community development activities. Through this type of community outreach, the ACLC can gauge the perspectives of and benefit from the input of the African Canadian community.